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Lot’s of people have asked me how Clumff is doing since my last post, which was sometime ago, I know… but thanks for all the interests (and maybe some concerns?), really appreciate it! Happy to know lot’s of you out there is looking after me and supporting me… or maybe just interested in Clumff, which is good too!

Anyhow, just to update curious people out there, Clumff has been good. Been getting many many subscribers!

Part from the online magazine, my baby Clumff now has a baby of its own (believe it or not)! Product of Clumff is called the Clumff Card, which is basically a discount card. You purchase it for AU$20 and just by showing this card when making a purchase, you are able to get discount at 200 retail stores! Shops range from restaurants, bars, clothing shop, mechanics, hair dressers, Thai massage, cleaning service, eye lashes extensions, hair removal clinic, to printing company! And the list goes on and on and on (if you want to see all participating retailers, just click here)….. Discounts range from free drinks, guestlist at clubs, 30 minutes extra massage, extra $1000 worth of service to up to 40% off total bill.

So now I am busy getting more retailers as well as to sell more cards! So that’s what’s happening with Clunff… it had a baby!

Anyways, if you are interested in joining Clumff family, as a subscriber, promoter or maybe as a writer… or maybe you simply just want a great deal in stores around Melbourne, then do browse through Clumff website or drop me a comment here!

Hope I would have more time to write about advertising stuff again soon though! Wait for it, once Clumff is self-run, I will come back to my passion, stay tune!! 🙂



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