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In last week’s class, Adrian asked to discuss what research methods I am planning to use. After listening to others, I came to the conclusion of using Action Research and Qualitative Research. Below are just a short summary of these two methods and why I think they are suitable for me.

Action Research: It’s a research method which peruses action and understanding at the same time. Actions research uses spiral process which is guided loosely by movement through five steps of inquiry; 1) Identify problem, 2) Collect and organize information, 3) Study and understand information, 4) Action based on information and 5) Reflection. As mentioned by Adrian, because this research method is participative and qualitative, it is often used for social research where you not only have to find the answer but you also have to find the reason behind that answer.

Qualitative Research: Similar to action research, this method is appropriate for the field so social science. Qualitative research not only allows the researcher to gather in-dept understanding of human action, but also the reason behind that action. Some examples of qualitative research are interview, focus group, open-ended questionnaire and participant observation.

In my project, I’m constantly dealing with human action and their decision making which means, for me, ‘WHY’ is more important than ‘WHAT’. Conducting a large and random survey would not help my project because I need to know why people make certain decision. I need to know why people like certain ads and dislike others, therefore Action Research and Qualitative Research would be perfect for my project.


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