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I was having this conversation with my graphic designer friends (pretty damn good one I might add) over drinks the other day. One of them works for herself, and planning to set up her own design firm. Her principle is basically if you are a (graphic) designer you don’t design what you want but instead you design what your client wants. You can suggest what would be good for the company’s image but you never ever design anything because you like it or because you want it to be that way for a personal reason. She was telling us how she worked with her friend but it took her friend forever to finish the work. When my friend asked him why, he said ‘I’m not inspired because it’s not something I like. I also don’t like the colour of the company so can you tell the client to maybe change it?’ My friend was p****d! She said ‘you are not an artist, you are a designer! You don’t sell a finished product to the client but instead you get a client then you produce something just for them.’ It never really crossed my mind but it is true what she said. There’s a very thin line between an artist and a designer. She also said it’s ok to have your own style but never get carried away by what you want but you have to consider what the client wants as well. It’s kind of similar to the honours’ project in my opinion. It’s ok to do what I like and passionate about but I have to be careful not to get too carried away. I still have to consider other factors and make sure to do my research. I shall be a designer not an artist! I thought this was a very interesting conversation I had with my friends.


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