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Advertising Age is a useful site to see what’s going on in the advertising industry. Also articles from industry practitioners, successful advertising campaigns and links to some related blogs.

As mentioned by one of my classmate the other day, TED is also a pretty good website to look for industry practitioners.

Spring Chiken Old Chook


The word ‘blog’ or ‘blogging’ is of course not foreign to me anymore since I have done some blogging before but this is my first personal blog. I personally don’t believe in the idea of exposing my personal life to the rest of the world. However, I have done some blogging for my previous assignment for Bachelor of Communication – Advertising Creative (if you’re interested visit Advice for Young People (image above) at Turned out to be quite interesting, how people react to what you post and to see different opinions from people about one topic. So I have decided to NOT use this blog as my online diary (such as writing which club I went to and got drunk last weekend), but as a tool to communicate some interesting and fascinating (in my opinion at least) issues I come across during my everyday life and hopefully people who visit this blog will have some opinions about these issues. Because I think it’s important to not see things just from one perspective. This way I can learn more and maybe even help me develop some crazy idea for my project!


So, today was my first class as an Honour student. During this introductory class, Adrian (my lecturer for Research Workshop) explained how this program will be harder and more intense than Master and PhD. My first reaction was ‘REALLY!?’ but after a while, I came up with this strategy of how to go about doing this program with minimum pain. This strategy consists of two very important components. First is to get organize and make a plan/timeline then follow by executing that plan accordingly, which means no delaying and excuses! I think as long as I’m discipline enough and follow the plan, I wouldn’t have to suffer as much. Other thing that left a strong impression in my mind was when Adrian talked about his weakness of not being able to finish what he started. He also said how it’s important to know your own strength and weakness and work in such a way or with certain people so that you are able to produce the best possible outcome. I cannot agree more! This comment made me think of my own weakness and strength. Hopefully knowing and acknowledging these will help me during the course of this program.


Honestly speaking, I’m still in the process of coming up with ideas for my final project. But what I know for sure is that I want to work in the creative department of an advertising company. So basically whatever project I decide to do will have to somehow help me achieve or at least bring me closer to this goal. I believe simple thing such as having a goal will make it easier for me to find a project that I want to do and also useful for me because setting a goal means having a clear direction of which way you want to go. So hopefully using this theory, I can come up with some brilliant project ideas during the weekend!


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