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I’m still thinking about what I said in my ‘Changeling’ blog post. It’s true how Changeling showed the importance of Human Rights and that all human being is innocent until proven guilty (article 11 from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). But do you sometimes think that now it’s so much easier for people to bend the law? There are a lot of criminals who get out of jail sentences for many different reasons. Then I suddenly thought of a Japanese film titled ‘Death Note’. The film is about a law student named Light who is hungry for justice. One day he went through the police database of criminals and learnt how many criminals are set free due to various reasons; not enough evidence, momentary insanity etc… When he discovered a death note and realized that just by writing people’s name in this book, people will die, he started killing all criminals who were set free. It’s very hard to say weather what he did is correct or not but in reality these cases really do happen. So many different and complex laws were created in order to protect human rights but now these laws are preventing the authority to put criminals in jail. In the film, this issue was also raised. Some agreed by saying ‘because of him the crime rate has decrease’ but on the other hand there are people who think that he should have just left this kind of things to the authority because it’s their job. Funny how something created to prevent people from exploiting Human Rights now is in a way endangering the human race (maybe I’m exaggerating here a little). As people always say, whatever it is, if it becomes extreme it’s not good anymore. I think this is a very interesting issue and I would love to hear people’s comment about it.


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