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Advertisement comes in a lot of different forms. Especially in today’s society, like it or not consumers (all of us) are so bombarded by information from different channels. Due to this reason, consumers would have to start picking which information they want to consume because we do have the power to do so. This also means information providers have to be smart about how they go about spreading their messages.

One of the oldest forms of advertisement is TV Commercial. Some people say 30 second TVC is dead, but I personally don’t think so. However, if TVC don’t adapt to the new era, it might as well be dead. This is what I meant by ‘information providers have to be smart about how they go about spreading their messages.’ Adapting to new consumers and new technology is vital to the survival of mediums. As I mentioned in my previous blog entry about how globalization and advertising shows a very strong link to each other. One example I would use to support this argument will be the famous Oreo TV commercials. All three commercials came from different countries but all three have exactly the same message behind it, which is to sell Oreo, not only as a snack but also something fun that everyone can enjoy. Simple things like changing languages or using talents who are more familiar to the audiences would change people’s opinion about the ad. If you are Korean, wouldn’t you rather see commercial in Korean? Don’t you think because you can relate more you would most probably get the message? Few years back, I took a campaign class and my lecturer, Carolyn Uzelac, said “if you are working in different country and you are in charge of making an advertisement, the first thing you need to do is to understand that culture.” I totally agree with her statement. The world is becoming smaller, it’s so easy for people to travel to different countries and experience different cultures, so advertisers are using this opportunity to spread their message (weather that is to sell stuff or save the world) even more. I’m my opinion this is just a small part or starting point of how advertising is influenced by phenomenon known as globalization.


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