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PRINT changed people’ mind set. This was one of the topics in Communication Revolutions’ class yesterday. These changes include;

1) People started to break away from centralized authority (which back then was the Vatican/churches)

2) People are able to compare and contrast ideas. Publications with different perspectives were born, which means people were able to form their own opinion towards certain subject.

3) The term Authorship was born. This is what known as ‘Copyrights’ in today’s society.

4) Changed in human capacity of memory. Prior to the print, memory was highly value in the sense that you were expected to memorize everything. After print, it is more important to know which information is in which book and also which part of the book. The use of memory was shifted due to the birth of print.

One of my classmate asked Peter (the lecturer), “do you think people’s brain also changed (in terms of shape, size, etc) due to the change in human capacity of memory?” Obviously his answer was “I don’t know, I’m not a biology teacher.” But after that he added, “but I heard in Japan, teenagers’ thumbs are growing bigger because they text message a lot using their mobile.”

Then I remember what my tour guide said when I went to Cambodia and visited Angkor Wat (one of the Seven Wonders of the World). In front of every temple, there were bridges with statues of solder on both sides. These statues were supposed to represent or recreate the actual solders who were serving the king. What I have noticed with these statues was that these solders were humongous!!! Then the tour guide told me, “Cambodian believes that people back then were a lot bigger than people nowadays. Now we are so spoiled by the technology, we don’t move as much, we are not expected to carry heavy things or travel long distance by foot. This is why over time, as technology improved, people are becoming smaller, in a way adapting to the new society.” Well, of course this did not happen over night, it took over a thousand year. Regardless wether this story is true or not I though this was a very interesting story.

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P.S. For people who haven’t been to Angkor Wat, you should definitely check it out. It is the most amazing thing ever! It’s just as great as Great Wall of China!


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