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I was talking to my friend from Indonesia who works as an art director in an advertising post production company. So he basically does editing of TVC as well as other medium. He was kind enough to share his portfolio with me and telling me about what kind of ads are popular in Indonesia at the moment. Obviously, the concepts and executions would change depending on the target market but it seems like a lot of ads, especially TVC, are very dramatized and exaggerated. From clips I posted here, it’s quite evident that most concepts are mainly playing with people’s emotions, in an ambiguous way. Indonesia, in my opinion, is in between Japan and Australia, in between high context and low context communication. The ads are not necessarily data oriented and informative but it is straightforward and the viewers could tell what the product is. It doesn’t rely on the product itself or its characteristics but it rely on the emotions produced as a result of using or seeing the product and in most cases these emotions are a little exaggerated. So I guess, I picked the right three countries since they all fall into different category in term of their communication level – low, medium, high context communication culture.

I used this example for my Literature Review and I thought I must share it with all of you!

So ‘gesticulation’ is another significant factor when communicating with people from different culture. Just as one word or an expression can carry different meanings in different countries, hundreds of global advertising examples have proven the fact that gesticulations or body language differ from culture to culture.

In the United States, life-size Ronald McDonald statues with friendly hand waves can be seen in almost all stores. However, Ronald McDonalds in Thailand have both palms of their hands placed together as a sign of respect, which is how Thai people greet each other. By making this small change, McDonald’s mascot, Ronald McDonald has become truly Thai and truly local (Mueller 2004).



And since we are in the topic of McDonald’s, I want to add these two TV commercials from Japan.  I guess they’ve decided to let Ronald McDonald retire early. I personally think these TVCs are hilarious to the max :p

I just remember how I used to (still do actually) LOVE LOVE these two TV commercials. They are both promoting the city of Melbourne and I think they are both absolutely beautiful!

Few years back during one of my undergrad classes, my lecturer showed me this clip and I think it’s pretty cute and funny.


This TVC is just something that my friends (Sarah F, Eelynn C, Isabella F, Kevin T, Isha K) and I did few years back to advertise Bachelor of Communication, Advertising Creative.


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